Sunday, February 12, 2012

11 Months and an Update

Truly, I have the Best. Baby. EVER. I'm sure I would say that no matter what, but when other people comment on what a fabulous baby Cate is, I know it's true.

Examples: She takes medicine without flinching, fighting, crying, or spitting it out. Every single time.

She sat at a resturaunt for 2 HOURS Friday afternoon while I hung out with some friends from work, and did not cry once. Nor did she fuss, or wiggle, or anything. She ate crackers and some cheese fries and her supper, and charmed the people around her. How is that not amazing?

I'll only give you two. More might make you sick.

She really is amazing.

She started army crawling in December, cut 2 teeth right before Christmas, learned to sit herself up right after Christmas, started pulling herself up last month, and has started crawling for real this weekend. She can say "hi" and wave, she says "dipha" (diaper), "out", "ma-ma", "da-da", and "bye-bye" (sometimes dye-dye.) She likes to dance to music, she sings along with songs, and she loves to babble to what I swear are imaginary friends. She likes to open and look at books. Today, after I read her a book, she opened up a different book and "read" it to me. It was precious.

She got her first ear infection this week. Even that didn't slow her down. It made her a bit fussier than normal, but not much. I think the medicine may be giving her nightmares though. I'm not sure if that's possible, but she's woken up crying in the middle of the last two nights, and that's way unusual for a girl who usually sleeps 11 straight hours, at least.

She is amazing, amazing, amazing!